Featured House Rabbit Articles

  • Rabbit inside house

    Housing Your Pet Rabbit Indoors

    There are many options for housing your bunny indoors, including puppy pens, bunny condos, large cages, or simply a bunny proofed room. We’ll discuss all the options so you can decide what’s best for your living arrangement. Read more »

  • Lop-eared rabbit

    Help! My Rabbit Hates Me!

    Rabbits are supposed to be cute and cuddly. So why does it seem like your rabbit hates you or is just plain mean? We’ll cover common behavior concerns like peeing on the couch, nipping, and other unfavorable actions. Read more »

  • Rabbits inside playing

    How to Care for a Pet Rabbit

    Rabbits are unique pets. They have specific needs in order to live a long, happy and healthy life. Here is a basic overview on how to care for a pet rabbit. Read more »

  • Veterinarian with rabbit

    Spaying or Neutering Your Pet Bunny

    As a pet owner, it is important that you know the facts about spaying or neutering your house rabbit. This article covers some of the benefits of the procedure and tells you what to expect during and after the surgery. Read more »

Featured Bunny Product

Free Bunny Ring

FREE Bunny Ring from Small Pet Select

Small Pet Select is offering a free bunny wrap ring with any purchase of hay or pellets! Just use the coupon code BUNNYRING at checkout and the ring will be added to your order free of charge.

Small Pet Select delivers fresh, high quality timothy hay throughout the continental U.S. Order in quantities of up to 60lbs. Read more »

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Featured House Rabbit Organization

San Diego House Rabbit Society, San Diego, CA


The San Diego House Rabbit Society is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit rabbit welfare organization that works with local shelters and humane societies to care for and find homes for abandoned domestic rabbits. All rabbits are spayed or neutered, litter box trained, and adopted to homes where they live as indoor family companions.

They recently opened a brand new shelter by the beach! Read more »

Visit their website >