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Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: Virginia Rabbit Inc.

John C. Doub feeds Rosemary the rabbit at Virginia Rabbit Inc.

John C. Doub feeds Rosemary the rabbit at Virginia Rabbit Inc. Photo by Bill Tiernan, The Virginian-Pilot.

Located on the second floor of a Mack truck dealership in Chesapeake, VA, Virginia Rabbit Inc. provides shelter to 45 homeless rabbits up for adoption.  The rescue is run on a daily basis by Ashleigh Watts and was founded by her father John C. Doub 10 years ago.

From an article in the Virginian-Pilot:

“The tear-jerker stories behind the rabbits are quite familiar to Watts. Many of them are labeled “Vacation neglect,” as folks will often drop their pet bunny off when leaving for vacation and never return to pick it up.

“Black and white Reggie was dumped with a broken leg. Pepper was kept in a 10-gallon fish tank. Silver’s previous diet was hot dog buns, leading to the removal of all of her teeth. Pooh Bear is blind. Doub and Watts care for each as if it was their only.”

Read the full article on HamptonRoads.com.

For more info on Virginia Rabbit Inc., see their website.

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One thought on “Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: Virginia Rabbit Inc.

  1. Persis

    Thanks for sharing this article about VA rabbit rescue. They’re an excellent organization and really love their bunnies.


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