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Dust Bunny Doritos Commercial

Here’s a funny commercial created by Taran G. starring her bunny BamBam. The video has been entered into the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest. If it wins, it will air during the Super Bowl.

Bunny commercial

NOTE: Although it should go without saying, I will say it anyway: Please don’t feed your bunny Doritos.

4 thoughts on “Dust Bunny Doritos Commercial

  1. Shadowydreamer

    Sage Bunny would protest. She got the very odd Doritos Cool Ranch chip and never had a stomach issue in her life. (Of course, we won’t tell her that it was a mere crumb off the corner, she would binky all over the living room.)

    Of course, I can’t say I’d put them in her evening salad.. ;)


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