My House Rabbit

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Cute House Rabbit Photos


Below are a few cute pet rabbit photos. If you like these, don't forget to click through to all the other pages of bunny pictures. Scroll to the bottom of each page and click the "More cute bunny rabbit photos" link. If you have fun bunny photos that you would like to share, send them in and we'll include them here!

Lop-eared rabbit outside

Sir Edmund Mousetrousers III reigning over the backyard

Holland lop and owner

Sammii, a holland lop, with owner Dannii

Mini rex rabbit close up

Nosferata (aka Nos), a mini-rex rabbit

Mini rex rabbit

Nosferata looking regal

Mini rex rabbit looking in the mirror

Nos taking in her reflection (with owner Jocelyn)

Mini rex rabbit in black and white

Nos in black and white

Pet Rabbit lounging

Waffle lounging on his first day in his new home

Pet Rabbit lounging

Waffle relaxing on a towel

Angora rabbit

Inukshuk, an angora rabbit, poses on the sofa

Dwarf hotot rabbit

Sprinkles, a dwarf hotot, joins Cookie and Oreo in Kent, NY

Dutch rabbit

Much loved Dylan: April 2006 - November 2008

Lop eared rabbit

Coco, a lop-eared rabbit from Malaysia

Lop eared rabbit

June, a magpie bunny from Malaysia

Lop eared rabbit

Coco and June close up

Rabbit plays with ball

Biscuit wanting to play

Rabbit plays with ball

Biscuit playing fetch

Rabbit keeping cool

Biscuit keeping cool in the summer

Rabbit plays peek-a-boo

Biscuit playing peek-a-boo!

Lop-eared rabbit lying down

Moose stretched out

Lop-eared rabbit with cat

Moose and his kitty sister Dolce