My House Rabbit

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Cute House Rabbit Photos


Below are a few cute pet rabbit photos. If you like these, don't forget to click through to all the other pages of bunny pictures. Scroll to the bottom of each page and click the "More cute bunny rabbit photos" link. If you have fun bunny photos that you would like to share, send them in and we'll include them here!

Flemish Giant rabbit

Hans, a 3-month-old Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant rabbit being held

Hans being held

Flemish Giant rabbit with cat

Hans with his feline friend

Flemish Giant rabbit snoozing on a lap

Hans taking a snooze

Flemish Giant rabbit sleeping on a lap

Hans snoozing some more

Flemish Giant rabbit in lap

Hans being cuddled

Rabbit with hat

Bun Buns dons a hat

Rabbit outside with harness and lead

Cosette takes a walk in the backyard

Two rabbits snuggling

Best buds: Peter and Paul snuggle together

Rabbit grooming

Paul washing his face

Two rabbits snuggling

Peter examines a clothes pin

Two rabbits snuggling

Peter and Paul out for a walk

Agouti rabbit eating lettuce

Cassie, a tough little agouti rabbit

Agouti rabbit wearing harness

Cassie braves the great outdoors

Dwarf in box

Hoppy getting ready to eat some hay

Dwarf in box

Hoppy lounging

Dwarf in basket

Hoppy posing by some flowers

Dwarf in basket

Hoppy is all set for Easter!

Dwarf laying in basket

Hoppy lying in a basket

Lionhead rabbit jumping on bed with cat

Leo jumps to join Katie the cat