My House Rabbit

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Cute House Rabbit Photos


Below are a few cute pet rabbit photos. If you like these, don't forget to click through to all the other pages of bunny pictures. Scroll to the bottom of each page and click the "More cute bunny rabbit photos" link. If you have fun bunny photos that you would like to share, send them in and we'll include them here!

Baby rabbit

Honey Bunny as a baby

Baby rabbit with owner

Kori and Honey Bunny

Rabbit peering out

Honey Bunny all grown up

Mini rex rabbit grooming

Maya, a 4-month-old mini rex

White rabbit lying down

Alex from Panama

White rabbit outside grooming leg

Alex takes some time to groom

Rabbit lying down

Ronny from Malaysia

Rabbit eating hay

Ronny munches on some hay

Two rabbits nuzzling

Honey and Huddy nuzzling

Rabbit sleeping

Honey lounges

Two rabbits

Honey sleeps while Hudson keeps watch

Dutch rabbit

Hudson peers at the camera

Rabbit sleeping

Oli lost in the world of dream

Lop-eared rabbit in sunshine

Seth enjoys the sunshine

Lop-eared rabbit on bed

Seth picks out a good spot on the bed


Seth on the lookout

Brown dwarf rabbit in cage with sleeping cat

Oliver shares his cage with a feline friend

Brown dutch rabbit

A greeting from Joseph

Brown dutch rabbit in Easter basket

Joseph celebrates Easter

Brown dwarf rabbit standing

Oliver surveys the scene from a higher vantage point