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Netherland dwarf rabbit lying down

Featured Photo: Coco gets comfy.

Did you know that rabbits are wonderful indoor companions? They are quiet, clean, affectionate animals who can easily be litter box trained!

My House Rabbit is dedicated to celebrating house rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care and behavior. You can find information about creating a safe, welcoming environment for your rabbit and gain insight into bunny behavior, so you will better understand your rabbit's needs. You can also check out our cute bunny photos or share your own! And don't miss our bunny blog and bunny lover gift shop!

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Featured House Rabbit Articles

  • Rabbit face

    Easter and Bunnies

    When Easter is around the corner, many people consider buying a pet rabbit, sometimes on a whim or as a gift for small children. While rabbits do make wonderful indoor companions, people should take the time to learn the reality of pet rabbit ownership. [Read more]

  • Rabbit eating timothy/orchard grass hay

    Hay: The Basis for a Healthy Rabbit Diet

    Hay is vital to rabbits for good digestive and dental health. We'll tell you why, as well as what kind of hay to provide your bun and where to buy it. [Read more]

  • Wire protector

    Bunny Proofing Your Home

    In order to protect your rabbit as well as your home you need to bunny proof. Chew toys, wire protectors, puppy-pens, and supervision are essential in providing a safe home for your pet. [Read more]

  • Helicopter ear bunny

    Thinking About Getting a Pet Rabbit?

    Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality. But before you swoop into the shelter and pick out a cutie, there are a few things you should know to ensure a rabbit is right for you and your family. [Read more]

Featured Bunny Product

Small Pet Select timothy hay

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Small Pet Select is offering a free bunny wrap ring with any purchase of hay or pellets! Just use the coupon code BUNNYRING at checkout and the ring will be added to your order free of charge. This adorable ring normally retails for $15.95. Learn more at our blog.

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Featured Rabbit Welfare Organization

River's Wish Animal Sanctuary, Spokane, Washington

River's Wish Animal SanctuaryRiver's Wish Animal Sanctuary is a refuge for animals who have been neglected, abused or forgotten.

While their primary focus is caring for rabbits, they also care for horses, burros, goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, dogs and cats. River's Wish adopts animals out to appropriate homes, but they also provide a life long home for each animal as well.

Rivers Wish recently rescued 21 feral rabbits in Libby, Montana.

Visit River's Wish Animal Sanctuary »

Quick Bunny Facts

Spaying or neutering your rabbit will help extend his/her life, as it greatly decreases cancer risk and aggressive behavior. It also improves your rabbit's litter box habits as there is less of an urge to spray.