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Rabbit Disease May Have Been Used in First Biological Warfare

Hittite Rock Relief, Turkey by Willis MonroeAccording to New Scientist, tularemia or “Rabbit Disease” may have been intentionally spread by the Hittites to their enemies in the 14th century when they sent diseased rams.

The bacterial infection, which can be passed from animals like rabbits or sheep to humans via ticks, causes skin ulcers and respiratory failure. This may have been the first case of biological warfare.

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One thought on “Rabbit Disease May Have Been Used in First Biological Warfare

  1. Jana

    I just got a new bunny , a lop eared named Sam. I have 2 children who love him, a 9 year old and a 3 yr old. Sam is awesome, he loves being held and interacting w his family. However, I find myself being incredibley nervous and tense during playtime btw Sam and my two girls. I’m afraid Sam can make my daughters sick- I’m not specifically aware of diseases bunnies can give to humans, but nevertheless, I’m worried. Can bunnies transmit diseases to humans? Is my concern rational? Thanks!

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