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PetSmart Discontinues Rabbit Sales

In July of 2007 PetSmart began a trial campaign to test the demand for rabbit sales. The trial took place in select markets (including our local PetSmart) and lasted until recently. As a result of their trials PetSmart has decided to discontinue the sale of rabbits while continuing to support the in-store adoption of rabbits and other pets.

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3 thoughts on “PetSmart Discontinues Rabbit Sales

  1. Rabbits' Guy

    I think there was a lot of pressure to stop selling, and also a lot of support for the adoption program.

    Unfortuantely for us it begs a question, what if you want a fairly young bunny? Rescue operations often do not have them.

  2. myhouserabbit

    We did manage to get Cosette from a rescue when she was fairly young. We got her at 6 months, after she’d recovered from her spay surgery. I know her siblings were adopted out earlier than she was, so it is possible to get young ones. But it is true that there are a lot of older bunnies in rescues.

    Coco, for example, was a year and half (not that old, but not a baby) when we adopted him. I think if you’re set on getting a younger bunny, it just might be about timing. Sooner or later a rescue (unfortunately) will get a pregnant rabbit or a mother and set of babies in.

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