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One thought on “Rabbit Care Education Campaign to Launch in Britain

  1. Kyne

    Help immediately! Advice needed. Rabbit drooling

    We adopted an adult female Dutch 5 weeks ago. We live in a U.S. territory, no good vet. I brought her in today and they were useless. We LOVE our bunny. Please help any advice!

    She is drooling for days now. No toothe abscess. No problems in her mouth.
    She is on pellets, hay, and veg from our kitchen. She gets wild grass (definitely no chemicals on the grasses it’s from our yard)

    She has a big fenced in outside fenced in run but I have her in the house now. She did nibble some watermelon today and drink treated human drinking water from a bowl (usually she has access to cistern water from a drip water bottle outside. It is untreated rainwater. We humans use it for bathing but not drinking- we brush our teeth with it. But it isn’t “tap” water…..)

    I have dogs cats guinea pigs who also drink the cistern water with no problems. But I’m trying to give as much detail as possible.

    We have only had her for 5 weeks. She came from America in an over crowded rabbity neglect situation.
    But she was doing well with us and we love her. I don’t know why she is sick

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