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Photos of Coco & Cosette

Here are some photos of the bunnies lounging today. Both have funny places where they like to sleep. For example, when they are not under the coffee table, Coco will lie down on a plastic pet food tray, and Cosette will rest near the elliptical trainer, sometimes under the pedal.

Cosette snoozing by the elliptical.

Coco with feet resting on the baseboard and head on plastic mat.

Coco arising, suspicious of the camera.

Coco still concerned.

Coco decides all is well.

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3 thoughts on “Photos of Coco & Cosette

  1. Freckles & Deb

    Those are some great pictures! I like it when Big Guy lays back in his chair. Then the feet come up and there is this neat ledge that I can hide under. The best part is that he can’t sit up until I leave — hee hee!

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