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In other Michigan rabbit rescue news…

Well I just came across this story about Midwest Rabbit Re-home, which is located near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Apparently, they are the only rabbit rescue close to winning a million dollar shelter renovation offered by Zootoo.com. Currently, they are ranked 11 out of 20, and they can rise in the rankings if they get enough points via this page: zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr

You have to register with Zootoo and put in Midwest Rabbit Re-home’s zip code (48170) and then choose their name from the dropdown menu. Registering gets 100 points, and you can earn more points by writing reviews, volunteering, commenting on news, and referring other people to the site. So far I’ve earned 140 points… I have to think of more products to review so I can earn some more.

In seeing photos of Midwest Rabbit Re-home’s current shelter, it does look like a makeover is in order. As of now, they are using an old warehouse as their shelter, and while they’ve done the best they can to fix up the space, a million dollar grant would go a long way.

Midwest Rabbit Rescue and Rehome

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