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Bunnies Offer Therapeutic Healing

Cuddle Bunnies, an English charity that provides therapeutic healing through petting bunnies, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The charity began when founder Sue Horsman brought her 6-month-old house-trained rabbit to visit her seriously ill uncle in the Bexhill Hospital in Sussex, England.

Now the charity has 9 adult members and 7 junior members with 2 more in training. The group cheers up patients at hospitals and care homes, and they also help children. Cuddle Bunnies works with autistic children and visits schools and youth organizations teaching kids how to look after their pets. According to Horsman, “There are so many things we can do to help autistic children. It helps to give them confidence.”

For more info: http://www.midsussextimes.co.uk/494/Cuddle-Bunnies-Fair.3979123.jp

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