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Rabbit Houses

A new housing option is now available to rabbit owners! For those who want to keep their home looking classy, RabbitHouses.net offers beautiful wooden enclosures for your house rabbit that complement the furniture in your home. They are multi-storied, and they come with an opening roof for upstairs, a grass den downstairs for relaxing, a removable plastic liner pan, and rabbit sized holes so your bunny can go in and out as he pleases. Other accessories are also available such as a rabbit cabinet (another enclosure with two drawers), a plastic floor tray to catch any accidents, a litter box, and a box of hay.


They look like they’d be charming additions to your home and fun for your bunny (or bunnies) as well!

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15 thoughts on “Rabbit Houses

  1. Rachael Rabbit

    Hi – I love the houses. I see that you have wooden floors and when we were about to adopt a bunny we were told that we would need to get strips of carpet everywhere – I wondered how much carpeting you have and what you think of that?

  2. Daisy

    Very cool house! That would look nice with our wood floors. Our rabbit doesn’t mind the wood. She prefers carpet, but she’ll travel across the wood to get where she’s going.

  3. Brooke

    can rabbits walk on wooden floors ? my rabbit Buttercup scatters like Bambi on mine so she has to stay in my room ( which has carpets ). The rest of my house has laminate flooring so I really need to know if she can or else I can’t remove the carpet from my bedroom, Help !

  4. myhouserabbit Post author

    @Monk: The rabbit goes to the bathroom in a litterbox. The litterbox can be pulled out and cleaned. I think there is a little drawer that you pull out to access it. You should look at their website b/c they describe how it works. I believe there is a video of it too.

  5. Rachel

    Nice house. Oreo would eat that in a second! What rabbit breed are those in the picture? That’s what mine looks like, but he’s 2 1/2 pounds?

  6. Kylie

    Oh those rabbits are so lucky to have that kind of rabbit hutch… It is a grand house for a grand pet. I love it so much. How I wish to buy one for my bunnies.

  7. Nancy

    Hello Thanks for your comments about our RabbitHouses, we’re glad you’ve enjoyed what you’re seeing. We’re updating our website (http://www.rabbithouses.net) with some new hardwood custom rabbit houses and play furniture – a bunny bridge and playhouse, guaranteed for hours of adventurous joy. Come and check us out at the website, lots of changes happening.

    1. Susannah

      Hi I can’t seem to access the site using the link please help! Just goes to a blank page.

  8. Crystal

    Hey I just got a new bunny and I love her but she is not litter trained. I have read everything on how to do it but do you have any tricks you can share.

    1. Kim

      Take a plastic sweater container that you side under your bed and remove the top. They are usually about 16″ wide and 3′ long. I line mine with newspaper. Place crushed corn cob (from Wal-mart) in the bottom of the container and place a food dish in one end. The bunny will hop into the container to eat and while they eat they poop. Soon your bunny will learn that the container is for pooping. I have 2 bunnies that are 5 and 7 pounds. I usually change the litter every 3 days. Works great for my 2 little buns!

  9. randy carter

    just took on 4 bunnys that some one moved and left behind.they r living out side i feed them, very cute what to do. can not bring them in what kind of house is there for out side.need help.

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