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Giant Rabbit Finally Finds Home


After eating two sets of owners out of house and home, Roo, a European giant rabbit, was sent back to a pet shop in Scotland.

According to Tracy Simpson, a staff member, “Her new owners thought they were buying an animal similar to a cat who would come and sit on their lap and quietly move around the house. But Roo isn’t like that. She’s full of life and because her teeth never stop growing, she likes to munch on things. That didn’t go down well.”

Fortunately, Roo has found a suitable home with one of the staff from the pet shop who is happy to accommodate Roo’s personality and habits.

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13 thoughts on “Giant Rabbit Finally Finds Home

  1. Bridget

    WOW! Now that is a BIG bunny. I have a 10 lb. lop and I thought SHE was a monster… this one makes her look like a dwarf!
    Love your bunny blog!

  2. Laura

    Aww, a happy ending for owner & bun!
    I have 8 giants…. a little word of warning to any of Roo’s young owners: Lifting them up & down stairs really does you back in!

  3. Hello Jodi

    Found your blog in a search for bunny knitting patterns – but I also have an agouti colored mutt I got from a shelter. His name is Fiver. I adopted him with his littermate when he was a baby, but they became unbonded after Fiver decided that he would rather have all of my attention and became aggressive even after they both were neutered (at least that’s what I can surmise – he doesn’t speak English). But I am DYING to have a giant breed, especially with the agouti color. What a sweet looking girl she is! I suppose I will never know until I try, but I’m quite afraid Fiver wouldn’t deal well with a girlfriend besides me. ::sigh::
    But anyway, it’s bad enough they sell rabbits in pet shops, it’s just plain stupid to sell baby giants or even full grown giants in them! The general public is just too ignorant about rabbits.

  4. myhouserabbit Post author

    I love the agouti color as well (as evidenced by Coco and Cosette)! I don’t know if I could handle a giant rabbit though. Cosette, a dwarf mix, is already a handful, and very strong.

  5. SYB

    Hi Everyone

    I came across this site while trying to find a place for six unexpected giant lop house bunnies -currently three weeks old, I am reluctant to advertise willy nilly as I want people who are passionate bunnie lovers and you just dont know do you. I dont want these buns turfed out in the garden in a hutch no matter how big it is, they are intelligent creatures that need love and attention just like cats (they eat more).
    Does anyone know of any potential homes, please dont say the pet shop.
    Happy bunnie loving

  6. armadillophsyborghedgehog

    gasp i saw one at a pet store in evanston i want one so badly he could be my sidekick

  7. pikachoosesyou

    my dog dosnt agree with bunnies but he is so cute i would never give him away and we would snuggle all night and he would it my bed overnight and id wake up on the floor haha

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