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Who Needs an Alarm System?

Rabbit in doorwayIn Madison, WI, a woman was alerted about an intruder in the house due to her pet rabbit’s thumping. The sound of the rabbit’s pounding woke her up, and she then saw the intruder and screamed. The man quickly exited through the apartment’s backdoor.

“The victim says she has a pet bunny that thumps its foot when someone is in, or around, her residence,” Madison police said in a report. “And it was the thumping of the bunny’s foot that woke her up, and enabled her to quickly scare off the intruder.”

For more info: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2008/10/17/Rabbit_scares_off_burglar/UPI-86251224284050/

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3 thoughts on “Who Needs an Alarm System?

  1. myhouserabbit Post author

    Yeah actually ours have found an even more effective way of waking me up- in the mornings when they’re hungry, they try chewing something loudly right by the bedroom door (including the doorframe). They know that will definitely get me out of bed.

  2. SheSue

    My bunny used to grab a hold of the side of her cage the minute she heard anyone up and about in the morning. Unfortunately she managed to break off her 2 front teeth doing it.

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