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2 thoughts on “My House Rabbit and Social Media

  1. Ciarra

    Poop! Cosette and Coco are the same breed as my Keiko, and I was hoping to learn what she was off of you. Then I saw that they were listed as unknown on their bunspace pages. Everyone keeps describing her as a cottontail rabbit, but I hate that because PA already recognizes another type of rabbit as the “cottontail”, and people are allowed to shoot and kill those ones. I feel like I’m harboring a fugitive.

  2. myhouserabbit Post author

    Hi Ciarra- yeah Coco’s adoption papers list him as a dwarf, but there’s no further specification about what kind of dwarf he is. So that’s why he’s unknown. Cosette is a dwarf mix. Her mother was a dwarf but obviously her father was not b/c she’s a LOT bigger than her mother. The other rabbits in her litter were all different colors – black, cinnamon colored, etc. Cosette was the only agouti colored one.

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