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New Record Holder for World’s Oldest Living Rabbit?

British rabbit owners Mike and Irene Womack believe their rabbit Hazel holds the record for World’s Oldest Living Rabbit at the age of 16. Currently, the title is held by George, a 15-year old rabbit from Massachusetts.

According to Mike Womack, “Our granddaughter Charlie brought him home when she was six years old, and she will be 22 this month, so he must be 15 to 16 years old.”

Before a new world record can be declared, Hazel’s age would have to be verified by witnesses and vets.

For more info, see World Records Academy.

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4 thoughts on “New Record Holder for World’s Oldest Living Rabbit?

  1. ErBear

    I didn’t know there was a world record… my co-worker was just lamenting about their 16 year old lop that died of old age. They got her when she was a few weeks old and had her through all of her life. I’ll have to tell him abou tthis. His bun may be a contender!

  2. foofoofinder

    How wonderful that this bunny has been loved so well and lived so long – but ….. I see old rabbits all the time and 16 yrs old is not uncommon. A loose rule of thumb: Rabbits live for 8 – 16 yrs depending on the care they receive and their breed.

  3. myhouserabbit Post author

    I agree about the lifespan foofoofinder. I feel like a lot of sources give a really short lifespan, but that may be because a lot of pet rabbits don’t receive proper care (mostly because their owners don’t know any better or have been given inaccurate information).

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