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Bunny Garden Attempt: Phase 1 – Building the Containers

Co-editor P.A. Smith and I are attempting to start a little bunny container garden. Our goal is to grow romaine and other dark leaf lettuce in one planter, and since they’re a favorite of Cosette, I thought I’d make another planter dedicated to dandelions. We are fairly new to the world of gardening, but we’ve made LOTS of compost from the rabbits’ litterbox contents, food scraps, and leaves from our yard, so we thought we’d give it a shot.

So for Phase 1 of our plan, P.A. constructed a 4′ x 4′ square bed and along with a 4′ x 1′ rectangular garden box from some wood scraps.

Bunny garden container
4′ x 4′ Square Planter for Lettuce

Bunny garden container
4′ x 1′ Rectangular Planter for Dandelions

If anyone has experience with container gardening or growing lettuce, we certainly welcome any tips!

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6 thoughts on “Bunny Garden Attempt: Phase 1 – Building the Containers

  1. Rabbits' Guy

    We grow lettuce ok in our raised beds like your box. Get lettuce seeds suitable for your area and follow the directions! it’s time to plant .. most lettuce does not like hot …

  2. Cerys

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