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Bunny Garden Attempt: Phase 2 – Planting

We took advantage of this sunny Friday afternoon to do some planting! We planted romaine lettuce seeds and two tomato plants in the raised bed, a third tomato plant in a large pot, and dandelion seeds in the rectangular planter box. (The tomatoes are for us.) Eventually, I’d like to add another pot of basil and a hanging strawberry plant.

Container gardening for rabbits

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4 thoughts on “Bunny Garden Attempt: Phase 2 – Planting

  1. Rabbits' Guy

    Lookin’ good! Until it regularly gets above about 65 degrees, we have made wire cylinders wrappped in clear plastic to put over our tomato plants. It keeps in heat and they grow faster.

  2. ClarabelleJR

    Word of warning: Keep yer bunners away! Last weekend my human planted 4 larger containers with dandelions and mint (transplanted them from elsewhere in the yard) and in a few days they were settled and growing. Lookin’ good, she thought. And then along came me and my guy, Beauregard, out for an evening romp in the yard. Now she’s got empty pots again. We’re hoping those roots might be magic and next time we get out, there will be tender new snacks available. We left a bit of fertilizer behind in exchange for what we ate – should help those roots feel the love, right?

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