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Cosette’s Mission

I noticed earlier in the evening that Cosette was reaching up to the top of the used litter/compost container pulling at some old hay sticking out. This was not out of the ordinary. Sometimes she likes using the container as a place to stretch (similar to a cat).

Later in the evening, she managed to knock the lid off the container. But I was surprised to look over and see this:

I guess she just viewed it as a really really tall litterbox.

Meanwhile, Coco was unfazed.

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5 thoughts on “Cosette’s Mission

  1. Jessica

    That is too funny! 🙂 At this point, my bunny thinks EVERYTHING is a litterbox. Wish me luck on training the rascal

  2. Nicole

    Wow, what a jumper! I don’t think my rabbit could make it. Way to get on there with the pictures!

  3. myhouserabbit Post author

    Yeah, Cosette is a character… she is a jumper and sometimes will precariously balance on bookshelves, swivel chairs, unstable boxes, and other places where there isn’t quite enough room for her. I always have to keep this in mind when bunny proofing…

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