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World’s Largest Rabbit Dies

Amy, a Continental Giant rabbit, who measured 4 feet and weighed in at 42 pounds, died the night before a scheduled appearance on an Italian TV program. Thought to have died of a heart attack, the enormous rabbit had packed on pounds with a diet high on starches and sugars: two apples, a handful of carrots, half a cabbage, fresh hay and a dog-sized bowl of rabbit mix every day.

Although Annette Edwards, Amy’s owner, insists that Amy was not overweight and was fed a proper diet, I think Amy would have benefited from a more fibrous diet with limited starches. Hopefully, Ms. Edwards will learn from this experience and give a proper diet to Amy’s offspring, of which there are 32. But the outlook is grim, as Ms. Edwards speculates that Amy’s daughter Alice will set a new record for largest rabbit. According to Edwards, “We think Alice is two inches longer.”

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6 thoughts on “World’s Largest Rabbit Dies

  1. Nicole

    Wow, that’s one big bunny. She doesn’t necessary look overweight, but I agree the diet isn’t good …waaaay too many apples and carrots, probably too many pellets too, and the cabbage should be traded for a more healthy variety of dark greens. Hopefully all those carrots include their leaves, at least. I think if not of a heart attack, she’d have died of GI Stasis. Even the way she’s holder her doesn’t look that great … pressing in on her belly like that and not supporting her hind quarters. Poor thing. I guess there’s no reason to expect her to do better by her offspring 🙁

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  3. elaine simmonds

    I am a breeder of the continental giant rabbits I find it disgusting that owners try to get the rabbits to these ridiculous sizes. 23lbs is an ideal weight for the giants anymore than this puts too much strain on heart and limbs. We always advise people who take our rabbits the correct diet to feed.

  4. Clare

    I’m not a breeder of giant rabbits,although I have bread lionheads,and not only do I know it’s wrong to allow a bunny to get to this size it’s also an animal cruelty issue.
    Fruit is supposed to be a treat not part of a hefty daily diet, pellets and barn dried grass is all my continental yellow giant Dolly gets and occasionally a peice of apple or dried banana.These rabbits ren’t suposed to be fat they’re supposed to be big, huge difference, the proportion is still that of an average bunny.. only bigger, and an average bunny wouldnt be allowed to get hat fat, far too much strain on the internal organs and joints, that poor buny would have suffered great pain and because they’re prey animals they don’t express their pain in a way e’d recognise, this woman wants locking up.

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