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Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: House Rabbit Society of Missouri

Joy Gioia and Rembrandt, a flemish giant rabbit.As the owner of one especially mischievous rabbit, I loved the anecdote told by Joy Gioia of the Missouri House Rabbit Society in the St. Louis Suburban Journals:

Belle loved to play with decorative pillows. She once used her nose to push one from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed and onto the cat sleeping on the floor. It hit the cat, Paws, with a plop.

The bunny hopped in a way that made Joy Gioia think she enjoyed what she had done.

“I just watched an animal size up a situation, think up a joke and carry it out,” Gioia said. “I know people who don’t have that type of humor. (Bunnies) have a wicked sense of humor.”

Gioia started out as a wildlife rehabilitator who specialized in cottontails. When a park ranger brought in an injured domestic rabbit, Gioia embarked on a new journey: she became chapter leader of the House Rabbit Society of Missouri.

Now Gioia and her team of volunteers foster rabbits in their homes and educate the public about proper rabbit care. They are holding Bunny Expo 2009 on June 7, 11am – 4pm at the Humane Society of Missouri. The expo will feature free nail clippings, information booths, photo sessions, children’s activities, and seminars.

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3 thoughts on “Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: House Rabbit Society of Missouri

  1. Handmade Sunshine

    I adopted a bunny named Gidget from Joy and the Missouri House Rabbit Society a few years ago. She is a bondmate for my existing rabbit Willie. The outfit for the St. Louis Chapter is run out of her basement. The setup features large cages and pens, depending on the size of the bun, all very clean and well kept. All of their buns have undergone a thorough checkup by a certified bunny vet and have also been either neutered or spayed. Joy and some of her other “foster moms” have always taken the time to answer any questions I have had. I would heartily recommend this rescue to anyone considering a house rabbit as a pet.

  2. Regina Grasle

    I live close to St. Louis, Missouri and need to find a home for my daughter’s rabbit (Snuggles). My daughter has gone off to college and I can’t take care of Snuggles the way she should be. She has never tried to bite and I think she could be adopted out. I will give you the cage and all supplies. I don’t want to give her to just anyone. Could you please help. Thanks Regina

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Regina, you need to contact shelters and rescues near you. We are not affiliated with the House Rabbit Society of Missouri, so you need to contact them directly, and probably other shelters to see if they will take Snuggles.

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