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Modern Bunny Hutch

DIY Bunny Cage

Nicole from designcuriosities created this fantastic indoor hutch using repurposed furniture from Ikea.

Disappointed with the housing options available for their bunny Eames, Nicole and her boyfriend set out to make something that would complement the furniture they had. The result is a stylish and modern hutch that any bunny would be proud to call home.

For more photos and instructions visit Design*Sponge.

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13 thoughts on “Modern Bunny Hutch

  1. myhouserabbit Post author

    No, the floor is solid. Actually, they put in ceramic tiles for the flooring. That’s supplemented with towels for the bunny to sit on as well as a litterbox.

  2. OurDailyPet

    Wow, that is nice. Don’t let my buns see that! I wonder if it stays that clean. A “real” modern hutch would have one of the roomba vacs in there too 🙂

  3. Rosa

    Are there any other bunny hutch alternatives out there? I love the idea of making one out of a piece of actual furniture. I’m about to adopt a mini lop and I’d really rather avoid the standard wire cage with plastic base- there have to be prettier options!

  4. freckles

    is a dog cage suitable for house bunnies? the ones with the plastic bottoms and some comfy bedding in the corner? i dont like the idea of these ”indoor cages” i just dont think they are big/tall enough and dont have the skills to make any of these wonderful home cages

    1. Fluffy

      Yes.( If there’s no dog in it.:-) ) Most of the time the pet store cages are too small for rabbits/bunnies.

  5. buy a rabbit hutch online

    There are basically 2 options for you, either design and make your own hutch, those who can anyway. Or go to a garden centre or even an online hutch store and order one that way. Dont buy a cheap one though, make sure its goign to last you.

  6. Julia - Daisy's mom

    This looks great! And Mark, I thought the same thing too about the wire at first. This is nice looking, but as a house bun owner I think the hutches scream, “outdoor rabbit”. Rabbits are frightened of predators and the dark wood piece only encourages (and forces) the rabbit to hide from anything. My two bunnies live in large pens that are open at the top. We have plenty of cardboard castles and hidey huts in there, but they can be around us all the time and it’s in a living room. The entire lower level is completely open so they really are totally used to noise, etc. Im sure you know rabbits are social animals and thrive human attention – for the human this is a bit of an advantage….. Out of sight, out of mind, you know? So I don’t think this is very good. Our rabbits are much happier in pens, and there are several “classy” ones out there if you want it to match decor. We let them out most of the day as well. Sorry if I’m a bit negative, but I still recommend open puppy pens and gates – rabbits are social pets and love to be in the action. Once he is used to the noise level (and you certainly should tailor it to his needs for his sake) and your routine, he will be very social and thrive being around people. But this is a very nice hutch. Larger than I expected once I actually saw the bunny.

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