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andrea(17)Andrea Bratt Frick has been clicker training rabbits since she adopted a bunny named Filbert who was able to jump 36 inches. She used a clicker to train Filbert to use his leaping ability to clear hurdles. She uses the clicker to signal the rabbit to do a trick, which is followed by a reward. The reward is dependent on the rabbit, some rabbits like particular veggies or pellets, while others are satisfied with a nose rub.

She also uses the clicker to help abused or neglected rabbits become comfortable around people. Clicker training helped these rabbits become less aggressive and more willing to be handled by humans. Frick works with the rabbits at Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter in Santa Barbara, CA.

Read the full article at The Examiner.

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8 thoughts on “Clicker Training

  1. Shi Peng

    Hey there! You have such lovely rabbits there.

    For me, I have one adopted white local rabbit that is 1 year 9 months old. I’ve adopted her almost a month after her owner abandon her.

    She doesn’t react to her name. (The name we gave her)
    Went she’s let out of her cage, she just do whatever she wants.
    When she’s in the cage, she will go oh-crazy over the pellets.
    But when she’s out of the cage, she doesn’t care about the pellets anymore.
    What should I do?

    All I want is a rabbit that would come to me when I call out to her name.
    A rabbit where she lower her guards down when it’s with me and my family.
    Please tell me what to do.

    *She’s adopted.*

  2. Rabbit Hutches

    Clicker training really does work with any animal. Its amazing. I used it on dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. Its really easy and i invite anyone to try it. Its not hard and you can see results immediately.

  3. david

    Hi, my name is David and I’m very interested in making a little bunny a house pet. What should be my first steps in buying a rabbit and housing the rabbit

  4. Melissa Jolene

    Clicker training is such a great way to help build a bunnies confidence. Its so nice that A. Frick uses clicker training to help shelter rabbits. I love knowing there are so many other rabbit lovers out there.

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