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Coco Bed

It’s funny what rabbits find to be comfortable resting places. I used to try to make/buy nice soft beds for my rabbits, but eventually determined from their reactions that these beds were apparently too wrinkly and weren’t saturated enough with rabbit urine (quickly remedied by them). Instead, I discovered that rabbits (at least my own) prefer hard areas- like plastic food mats, hearths, vents, and as pictured below, entertainment stands.

Coco conks out in the entertainment stand


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3 thoughts on “Coco Bed

  1. Nicole

    Aw, so cute! Frank would love that place for sure because he LOVES slightly raised surfaces … the lower shelves of all furnishings, basically. He seems to like hard surfaces well enough … sometimes he sleeps on the hand towels I put out for him (his blankets), sometimes he opts for the floor. Depends on his mood, I guess. I’ve never tried giving him a bed, but he does sometimes sleep on the sofa, that’s pretty soft.

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