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Endangered Kits are Born

pygmykitThe Columbian Basin pygmy rabbit has been on the state of Washington’s endangered species list since 1993. The population declined so much that biologists took in the last 14 wild rabbits to create a breeding program.

Among the institutions collaborating in the breeding program is the Oregon Zoo, which has been breeding Columbian Basin pygmy rabbits since 2000.

This year the zoo welcomed 26 endangered kits, or baby rabbits. This brings the total to 73 kits for the year among all the breeding programs.

Read more about the program at Zoo and Aquarium Visitor.

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3 thoughts on “Endangered Kits are Born

  1. Nicole

    Wow, sounds like a success! Or at least a successful start.

    This might be a stupid question …. but what’s the green/blue colours in that kit’s ear!?!?

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