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Luv-A-Bun Rescue Takes in 34 Rabbits

The Luv-a-Bun Rescue in Lake Worth, FL has recently taken in 34 bunnies rescued from a mobile home. The rabbits were crammed into 3 cages jammed with both living and dead rabbits.

Several of the rabbits were relative newborns and many had never been able to hop due to the cramped conditions.

The recently taken in rabbits have been spayed and neutered by local veterinarians Renata Schneider and Stefan Harsch free of charge.

Visit the Sun Sentinel for more on this rescue.

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2 thoughts on “Luv-A-Bun Rescue Takes in 34 Rabbits

  1. June Yamrick

    Hello Ms. Chaney,
    I am a member of the Portland, Oregon group “Rabbit Advocates”. I currently care for 8 bunnies which is a low number compared to the rest of the members. Three years ago there was a collector who housed over 200 bunnies in her home. We are still dealing with the bunnies from this rescue. If you are stumped be any condition that your veterinarians cannot cure, maybe the doctor’s we have here can.
    I would be glad to share information about these sentient creatures as there is not much literature about their health available. My friend in Delray Beach sent me the article recently published from the Sun Sentinal.
    June Yamrick
    360 892 4874 or Kokoewok@msn.com

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