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Update: Luv-A-Bun’s Mass Rescue

Megan from Luv-A-Bun has kindly shared an update about the 34 rabbits they rescued in Lake Worth, Florida:

The babies are 4 weeks old in the pix and the adults are doing fabulously after everything they went through. Notice the bunny that has a heart on its side!

We have a pair traveling to a rescue in TN this weekend via the Bunderground Railroad and another pair going to a rescue in Tampa Thanksgiving weekend. It has been so heart warming to meet so many nice people who all share the same interest of helping the bunnies.

Baby 1


baby 3

baby 4


heart & valentine2

mama & papa1

Thanks Megan and Luv-A-Bun for all your hard work!

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3 thoughts on “Update: Luv-A-Bun’s Mass Rescue

  1. Jill Atkins

    you guys really do wonderful things. I have 6 fluffy lil bunnies and the first one i recued from my own front yard that someone just let go and i couldnt love an animal more.

  2. peg

    All of us here at Chelseyminx.com Love what you do for these loving, sweet and social buns. I have one bun that I found outside and recently adopted one from the rescue in Montclair California, The Bunny Bunch. You guys are great! I just came across your site and had to check out all the buns and updates. Keep up the good work. Congrads to all the volunteers. You can never have to many. I also volunteer twice a month feeding and offering companion ship for the sweet buns. If I had more time I would go more often but I do go when I can. It is so rewarding. Happy Holidays to everyone! 🙂

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