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Humane Society Break-in

On Feb. 24 the Grayson County Humane Society in Kentucky was broken into. A cash box was taken during the break-in. What is truly horrifying is what else the culprits did. Dogs and cats were beaten and killed. Several weeks prior to this break-in, someone sneaked into the facility and released all of the dogs.

The shelter is looking for any information that may help catch these criminals. They ask that those with tips contact the Leitchfield Police at 207-259-3850.

In addition to information, the shelter is seeking donations and people willing to foster animals during this time.

To help and to read more, visit their website: http://www.graysonhumane.org/.

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One thought on “Humane Society Break-in

  1. Flip195

    Some of the Facts you have are not quite correct.
    Shelter was broken into, some of the dogs were let out.
    Cash and checks were stolen.
    2 of the office cats were let out of their night cages and a KNOWN cat aggressive dog was shut in the office with them. When the dog had finished killing the cats she was then beaten.

    The dog was treated by the vet, and physically, will make a full recovery.

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