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Bunny Speed Dating

Two rabbits bonding

From NY Daily News:

It wasn’t love at first sight for Phyllis and Irving, nor was there fur flying – a good sign when it comes to bunny speed-dating.

Irving, a New Zealand white, eagerly tried to sniff “Filli” as the lop-mix hopped around the exercise pen during their two-minute exchange. Four weeks later, the love bunnies started living together in a Manhattan apartment.

Rabbit Rescue & Rehab, the New York House Rabbit Society Chapter, holds “speed dating” sessions for single buns. Owners of solo rabbits who think their pet may like a companion can set up meetings in a neutral location with available rabbits up for adoption. (Note: All the rabbits have been spayed or neutered!) If the fur doesn’t fly, chances are there will be a suitable match.

Read the full article here: NY Daily News.

If you have a single, spayed/neutered bunny, you can set up “speed dating” sessions with a rabbit rescue near you. Check out Petfinder.com to find local shelters.

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