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Wild Rabbit Movie: Rabbit Love

Agnes de Weert from the Netherlands sent in this amazing movie of a wild rabbit family living in her backyard last year. In the video, you can see the rabbits building a nest and the mama bun nursing the babies. Unfortunately, it is apparent that the mama bun was very sick, but the babies did survive.

Watch it here:

Yesterday, Agnes spotted two wild rabbits in her backyard. Perhaps there will be a new bunny family?

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3 thoughts on “Wild Rabbit Movie: Rabbit Love

  1. Corri Donald

    This is how rabbits are supposed to live, free and wild and as a food source for our larger carnivors. The Uvic rabbits need to be relocated, unaltered into the mountains to run free and breed, maybe then we would’nt have to worry about the coyotes, cougars, bears etc coming into our back yards and harming our pets and children, they would have a continuted source of food and the rabbits would be free as they sould be.

    Corri D.

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