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We’ve expanded upon our experiment from last year to grow some of Coco and Cosette’s food.  This season, we have four raised beds of fruits and veggies – both for the bunnies and ourselves.

Romaine lettuce

For the bunnies, we have growing: Lettuce (pictured above), carrots, basil, broccoli leaves, dandelions, and apples (our trees have fruit this year!).

I might try growing cilantro next spring because it’s Cos’s favorite, but I’ve heard it can be difficult to grow.


UPDATE: Bought some cilantro seeds.  I read that I still had time to plant them. So we’ll see how that goes.  Also bought a mint plant that we’ll keep in a separate pot because apparently they spread quickly.

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9 thoughts on “Bunny Garden

  1. Rabbits' Guy

    Oooohhhhhhhhhhh… how about we see the beds? Our mint spread, but now most has died. I think it has a few years of life and then needs re starting.

  2. British Bunnies

    Wow that some healthy looking plants. We started off with a great plan to grow some delicious bunny goods but I don’t think we’ve been very successful.

  3. My House Rabbit Post author

    Rabbits’ Guy- good to know about the mint! We’ve never tried growing it before. I’ll have to take more photos of the beds. Most of them have just little seedlings in now, but we have one with the full grown romaine, some large broccoli plants, and onions.

    British Bunnies- thanks! We’re in our second year of gardening, and some things we’ve had success with (like the romaine), and others have been complete failures (my bell pepper plants look like they’re at death’s door). But it’s fun, and we are figuring out how to grow more and more things.

    Also, it’s funny because the lettuce that took two months to grow was demolished by our rabbits in 5 minutes.

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  5. Phyllis

    Hmmm – my mint just keeps going and going, for years now. In fact, it overcrowds itself in the garden, so I rip it up by the roots and plant it in the yard (it is very hardy that way, no need to be delicate). It smells wonderful when you mow over it. I use it when I make coffee or tea, and the rabbits love it!

  6. Genie

    Cilantro is really easy to grow. Just make sure you sow the seeds directly in the soil they will be growing in as they don’t like being transported from seed tray to somewhere else. Water frequently. They need a good 6 inches of soil for their roots so if you are planting into a pot, make sure it is a deep one.

  7. Indoor Rabbit Cage

    Your garden looks great!! With regard to growing cilantro I have grown just about every common herb imaginable but have not had much luck with cilantro. Cilantro has a very short life span and goes to seed very quickly. I read somewhere that it is best to stagger your cilantro plantings and put some seed down every couple of weeks to have a steady supply.

    Incidently I have a pet blog site and would like to know if you would like to trade blogroll links. Let me know.

  8. Kay

    Wonderful-looking garden! As someone commented, cilantro (aka rocket, roquette, arugula) is not so hard to grow but bolts (goes to seed) really fast and you have feathery leaves and flowers instead of the salad-type leaves that bunnies (and this human) love. You can plant the seeds

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