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Being Top Bunny

I get a lot of emails describing the same scenario:  Bunnikins has taken to hopping on the sofa and peeing on it. It’s a frustrating situation and one that has happened in our household as well. I remember after the third time it happened with Cosette a few years back, I had picked her up and put her in her cage.  (She still had a cage back then although it was always open.)  I closed the cage door and closed the kitchen door where the cage was located.  But even in the other room I could hear her thrashing around in the cage trying to break free.  For a rabbit who detests being picked up and despises even more being cooped up in a cage, this was the greatest insult.  I felt bad locking her in – and I did let her out  again after an hour –  but after that time, she never peed on the sofa again.

I later came across an incredibly useful article on the House Rabbit Society website which helps shed light on this behavior and suggests ways to train your rabbit.  The article is called “FAQ: Training,” and under the heading “Behavior motivated by social structure,” it delves specifically into the peeing on the couch problem.

Anyone who is experiencing this issue should read the article.  The entire article is actually very enlightening as well- covering various issues that most bunny owners will come across at some point.

Cos and P.A. Smith

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15 thoughts on “Being Top Bunny

  1. Tim Kepler

    When our bunny started peeing it wasent on our couch, it was one me. at first i shrugged it off and let it go. the second time i did the same, when for the 4th time, yes 4th time it was apparent that he was doing it on purpose. my lap was the only place other then his litter box he peeded at at all.

    after picking him up and one good wack on his rump and he hasnt peed in my lap sense. hes not afraid of me and doesn’t scurry away or bow his head or anything that shows the obedience thing another forum was talking about. if anything hes become more social. and i like him more now too XD

  2. Nadya


    the link doesn’t work

    where can i find the article? my bunny also wees on my sofa


  3. Nadya

    Hi there,

    My bunny has also been weeing on the couch and pooing on the couch. He luckily stopped weeing on the bed! It is a single house rabbit and not sure what sex but will have to have Kleintjie spayed/neutered soon.

    Does anyone know why they scratch and dig when they are on your lap? I will be stroking Kleintjie on my lap when she/he will get up and “dig” as if it is looking for something. It will also try and lift my top up or pull on my skirt. What behaviour is that?

    Bunny Lover

  4. Carrie

    We got Jinx about a month ago, he is 4 y/o. I have not been able to let him out of his cage to run around because every time we’ve tried he just pees all over us and the house. What can we do to stop this so he can get out and play?

  5. Adele Christie

    Hi i was wondering i have an 18month old female lop and is it possible to introduce her to another baby female for company? Mabel has the run of the flat but i thought it might be nice for her.

  6. Amanda Singler

    My bunny is a dwarf lion head ( boy ) he scratches me and will bite me. I have had for a year now and he still does this. I am also on my 3 litter box, how do I get him to stop chewing on it? I was wondering if he needed another companion or a bigger cage, at night or early in the morning he will start bittng his cage till I get up and open his cage door. I let him outt at least 2 a week for a long time but I don’t know what to do.

  7. Roberta

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  8. Vinnie

    When my bunny kept peeing on my bed, I realised it was because I think she likes to go UP to pee… like she’s coming out of her warren and peeing above ground.

    First I replaced all the bedsheets so there was no smells for her to use as a guide to pee there.

    Then I elevated her litter box above my bed level using beer crates and kept her food pellets in a bowl in there.

    I put her in there a lot and let her hop down/up.

    Now she exclusively pees in there rather than on my bed because the beer crate is higher than my bed.

    Also another tip, use a tiny oven grill at the bottom of your bunny’s litter box, this will keep her feet from getting urine and poop on them.

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Oo interesting about the elevation preference! I’ve definitely found that sometimes bunnies have individual preferences. The easiest thing to do is to cater to those unique preferences if possible. Our Coco, for example, really prefers to pee on top of hay. He doesn’t like going on the newspaper pellets in the litterbox. So we put hay on top of the litter so he can make a “nest” to pee in.

  9. Lyn

    Digging is the way my bunnies tell me when it’s time for them to do their own thing. If I’m petting them or holding them. Even when I’m brushing them or checking their ears. You can train your bunnies not to bite. Mine won’t bite, but will push your hand with his teeth!

  10. javazni

    this is very interesting.i am going to get a new baby rabbit soon! so exciting! this website is very helpful, and i am going to recommend it to everyone.

  11. shelly

    My bunny has run of the house and he’s pretty good but at night or when I’m not home he chews my couch. He has ruined it and chewed a hole in it and several of the blankets I used to cover the damage. What can I do if I’m not around to stop him. I have bought him every chew toy and keep a full supply of toilet paper tubes and food. Please help. I’d like to get a new couch but there’s no point. Thankfully this one was old!

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