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Bunny Bungalow to be Built

Pepsi recently awarded grants for worthy causes through their Pepsi Refresh Project. Among the recipients was the Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue in Murrieta, CA which was awarded 15,000 dollars to build a Bunny Bungalow. The bungalow will house abandoned and homeless rabbits that are considered suitable for work as pet-therapy bunnies.

The bungalow will be built on the grounds of the Oak Grove Center, a school in Murrieta that serves children with a variety of problems and difficulties.

In addition to the grant, the rescue needs additional materials and volunteer time.

A complete list of needed materials and more on the bungalow can be found at the Southwest Riverside News Network.

Be sure to check out the adoptable bunnies at the Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue!

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2 thoughts on “Bunny Bungalow to be Built

  1. The bunny family

    Thumbs up for Pepsi! I love your blog. Mine is in Swedish, but there´s a lot of pics as well if you´d like to hop in for a visit. Our French lop Ninja is a free range house bunny. Have a nice day!

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