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Group of UVic Bunnies Head to Texas

About forty feral rabbits captured from the UVic campus are destined for Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas.  The rabbits were spayed and neutered over the weekend by Dr. Joseph Martinez of Little Paws Animal Clinic, who volunteered his services.

Another sixty rabbits were also captured and will be placed in local British Columbia sanctuaries.

Bunny on UVic campus
Photo credit: Downheartedrabbit on Flickr

For more info:
C-FAX 1070
The Windsor Star

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One thought on “Group of UVic Bunnies Head to Texas

  1. siri klimmer

    Good news! These UVIc bunnies are all being rescued!
    If you want to help with this effort, please donate to TRACS, the animal rescue chosen by the BC gov’t to be in charge of this effort:
    Please help the UVic rabbits to their new home, a sanctuary in Texas. BC govt requires they must be spayed/neutered before they go!

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