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Benny’s Fantastic Adventure

Benny's Fantastic AdventureLast summer, we posted about Benny, a Flemish Giant house rabbit, vying for the record of World’s Longest Rabbit.  Unfortunately, Benny recently succumbed to illness.

But while Benny lived, he touched the hearts of many people: the Heather family, who took him in from a sanctuary in 2008, as well as an incredible number of Facebook friends.

With encouragement from Benny’s fans around the world, Sharon Heather has shared Benny’s story in the book, Benny’s Fantastic Adventure.

You can buy Benny’s Fantastic Adventure from Lulu.com.

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3 thoughts on “Benny’s Fantastic Adventure

  1. Sharon Heather

    Benny was a fantastic bunny and I hope this book reflects the love he had for everyone and the love his friends on facebook had for him. He was a true advocate for how wonderful it is to share your home with a rabbit

  2. Susan

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your Benny. His story was one of the first I read when I discovered this site. He’s very cute and just looks so sweet.

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