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Pre-Holiday Sale at Wabbit Works

Wabbit Works, maker of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet, is having a pre-holiday sale of $5 off hay boxes and $5 off shipping if you order now. If you have free reign bunnies in your home, this hay box is a very good addition to your current setup. It greatly reduces mess, the hay stays dry and clean (eliminating a lot of waste), and you don’t have to keep replenishing the rabbit’s hay throughout the day.

Buy it at WabbitWorks.net »

Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet

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5 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Sale at Wabbit Works

  1. Tracey Traver

    The link for rabbit works states site not available. .y but.my needs one of these desperately. We have tried all kinds of delivery methods but she still manages to climb in and do her business in the food hay instead of litter box.

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