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Rabbit Painting Saved

A rabbit painting by the artist ROA on the side of a recording studio in Hackney, England was faced with the threat of being removed due to anti-graffiti efforts. After an outcry from residents and a petition signed by over 2000 people the council changed their minds.

ROA is a renowned street artist from Brazil. His pieces have been painted on buildings, boats, and just about any paintable surface all over the world. He was given permission by the building owners to create the mural.

For more about the rabbit of Hackney, check out Dalston People.

See more of ROA’s paintings on Flickr.

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One thought on “Rabbit Painting Saved

  1. Gaina

    That’s wonderful news! I signed the petition when I first heard about this. How anyone could contemplate removing such a beautiful thing is beyond me….

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