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Rabbits Rescued from Curbside Garbage Bins

Paul Spereall with rabbit

Paul Spereall with rabbit he discovered in trash bin. Photo by Jason Roberts.

In the past week, there have been multiple incidents of pet rabbits being discovered out with the curbside trash.

In Birkenhead, England (across the river from Liverpool), window workers Paul Spereall and  Paul Harvey went to toss a piece of garbage into one of the bins on the side of the road.  When they opened the lid, a cream-colored lop-eared rabbit jumped out at them.  The two men brought the rabbit back to their office and cared for it while they contacted the RSPCA.  The rabbit was dehydrated, but otherwise is good condition.

In Regina, Saskatchewan, the Hamel family discovered a pet bunny in a recycle bin out on the street with some hay and pellets.  With temperatures dipping to -16°F (-29°C) that night, the Hamels saved the bunny from a frigid demise.  After caring for the abandoned rabbit for the night, the Hamels contacted the Regina Humane Society.

Rabbit discovered in recycle bin by Hamel family

This rabbit was discovered in recycle bin by Hamel family. Photo by Hamel family.

It is incredibly sad that stories of rabbits being abandoned out with the trash (or just set loose outside) keep popping up.  These two rabbits were lucky that a few good Samaritans discovered them, cared for them, and brought them to local shelters so they’d have a chance at a good life.

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One thought on “Rabbits Rescued from Curbside Garbage Bins

  1. Nicole

    Such sad stories. I am so frustrated by stories such as these. If you no longer want your rabbit, there are options available to you: why don’t these people take them? At the very least, why are they not abandoning them at the doors of an animal shelter or rescue? Please, to anyone considering abandoning your rabbit: the two stories int his article are about *extremely lucky* rabbits! Do not fool yourself into thinking the same will happen to your rabbit if you dump him or her in the trash.

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