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Rabbits Take Over Japanese Chemical Weapons Site

The tiny island of Okunoshima was once home to a major poisonous gas facility for the Imperial Army during World War II. The island, only 4 kilometers in circumference, had even been removed from Japanese maps for a period of time for security purposes. Once the war ended, the island was deserted. In 1971, a teacher from the nearby city of Takehara abandoned the school’s pet rabbits in Okunoshima. Now, the island is host 300 feral rabbits.

With 2011 being the Year of the Rabbit, many tourists are making their way to the little island to see the furry inhabitants.

For more info, see:
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One thought on “Rabbits Take Over Japanese Chemical Weapons Site

  1. Nicole

    Wow, that’s quite the bunny dump. I am extra disappointed to read this started with a teacher dumping classroom rabbits. It’s so widespread and accepted, this idea that bringing animals into the classroom is useful to teach our children… but, teach them what? We’ve taken this phenomenon for granted, so we no longer consider its supposed benefits; but what are the benefits of abandoning a domesticated animal – an animal we have raised to be dependent on humans – into the wild where it must fend for itself, and into an ecosystem not prepared to handle it? So sad. Hopefully the influx of tourism will raise the issue and spur a TNR program. (However, it’s not the year of the rabbit yet! The new year isn’t until 3 February :).

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