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Maryland Rabbit Hoarding

This case really shows the importance of spaying/neutering your pet rabbit.  The owners of these rabbits said they started with what they thought were two female rabbits.  This wasn’t the case, and the rabbits kept breeding with each other. The final count was 78 when officials intervened.

If you live in the Baltimore area and would like to help, the House Rabbit Society of Baltimore, DC, and NoVA are looking for emergency foster homes for these bunnies. Email rabbitinfo@rabbitsinthehouse.org.

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One thought on “Maryland Rabbit Hoarding

  1. Marmalade

    Why would a person have huge docile wild rabbits in every room of home.These poor rabbits stink to high heaven,and pee more than a human.The smell of hay and urine is overwelming.Franklin Drive Ness County,Kansas home of the real live bunny ranch.I hope their is no such thing as man-rabbit love.

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