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Tips for Prospective Bunny Owners

Black rabbitAs January comes to a close, we are entering a time when many people may be suddenly inspired to buy a pet rabbit.  The Chinese Year of the Rabbit starts February 3rd, and Easter is around the corner on April 24th.  Of course, at My House Rabbit, we love having rabbits as pets, and we love that many other people share that sentiment. However, before prospective bunny owners make any impulse buys, we wanted to encourage a few things:

Do your homework about pet rabbits first!  Make sure a bunny is right for you and your family.  Check out these articles:

Second, if you have done your research and are certain you can provide a loving home to a bunny, we strongly encourage you to adopt a bunny from a rescue or shelter.  Shelters are overrun with homeless bunnies in need of forever homes.  Check out the following article for many reasons why adopting a bunny is preferable to buying one from a pet store or breeder.

In closing, please don’t make impulse bunny buys!  Pet rabbits are long-term commitments, and they are not by any means low-maintenance pets.

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One thought on “Tips for Prospective Bunny Owners

  1. Mandy

    When I was in middle school, our local pet shop had bunnies for Easter. I begged and begged my parents for one and they finally gave in. I read up everything I could. When I got my Karat, we found out he had pneumonia. (One of the gazillion reasons one should NOT buy, but rather adopt). After nursing him back to health and tired of seeing him in a dog crate, we decided to try to litter train him. He took to the litter like a pro.

    He lived 7 years with us, cage free and spoiled rotten. There’s a funny story about him scaring the insurance guy! Bunnikins are excellent, playful, mischievous, loving pets. But, they are not for the faint of heart! While Karat used his litter box most of the time, he did like to mark his territory with poops. And, we didn’t have a very good vet and he wasn’t neutered, so he was a regular “lawn sprinkler.” He had a fondness for woodworking and carpeting.

    I feel bad now for allowing him to eat people food. His favorite food was peanut M&M’s. I didn’t understand the dangers of chocolate for animals, but luckily it didn’t seem to affect him. I’d give anything to have my 24 Karat Gold again.

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