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Free Rescued Rabbit Cards

Betty from Rescue Glamour Shots designs free, downloadable greeting cards, calendars, and more featuring photos of rescued rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters.  The idea is to create fun products while spreading the word about various rescue organizations. You can find all the available designs on the Rescue Glamour Shots downloads page.

If you are associated with a rescue, you can even send in a photo of one of your adoptables and Betty will design a card with your rescue’s web address on it!

Free, downloadable card from Rescue Glamour Shots

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One thought on “Free Rescued Rabbit Cards

  1. MayNg

    January 21, 2012: I found an abandoned bunny at Colina da Guia in Macau (澳門松山/東望洋山) after running with a group of friends from the Macau’s Hash House Harrier (Hash).

    When I met this bunny, she was staying in the park. There was no home for this bunny that left in a park, without a shelter. Her original owner thought he/she was doing his bunny a favor as she was free in the park…he/she thought she’s be fine…he/she thought she is better off than living in a cage…he/she thought she is simply begin living like wild bunny as if it was in her instinct.

    However, this bunny has developed attachments to she caretakers. This bunny has no survival skills for living in the wild. Breeding as a domestic housepet has eliminated her instincts, and she is used to having food and shelter provided for her. She was abandoned with no hiding place, no home, no ability to make a home, no knowledge of how to find food or water. And no safety…. Nearby I found cats, dogs, cars, humans, they would simply find the bunny there, attack the bunny and hurt the bunny. This bunny need to feed for herself until she dies….

    This bunny dumped outside might be waiting for its owner to return for a while, not realizing she has been abandoned (dumped) and the owner didn’t come back for her.

    The last moment of her live would be filled with pure fear, pure pain, or sickness, or starvation, or freezing to death will.

    February 3, 2012. As I write this, the bunny is keeping in my boyfriend’s apartment. There is balcony/pouch areas for the bunny to stay. However, she can be there only till the end of March or maybe mid of April 2012 (within 2 months) when my boyfriend move out.

    The bunny has been done a check up at the Green Cross Veterinart Clinic (Green Cross) on 1st February 2012. She is completely healthy and very friendly to human. She likes kissing on people fingers with her little tongue. She likes being hug as a baby.

    I’m looking for a person who can give her home and become her caretaker. I can only hope and pray that this bunny (she is now named “Dragon” even she is female bunny (*x*)) does not suffer anymore. Her fate will forever rest of the shoulders of the person who really care and love she.

    If you think you can give her a home or want further details about Dragon, you can e-mail to this facebook’s account or call me at 853-62298010. My name is May Ng from Hong Kong.

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