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10 thoughts on “Rabito iPhone Case

  1. My House Rabbit Post author

    According to Mina Kwag, the designer of rabito and a bunny owner, the tail is made of artificial fur. From her email: “We love rabbits, We love all animals.
    The fur used for rabito’s tail is an artificial, non-animal fur.”

  2. Andrew

    That is correct. The tail is made from artificial fur (acrylic fur, to be exact). How do I know this? I work with the designer and have several cases. It’s true: “We love rabbits!” Also, the REAL rabito (the designer’s pet rabbit) would never approve of using real fur. ; )

  3. Eva

    Hi Natalie… sadly they don’t! I have a 3GS too and I looked into it, but alas… we are the unlucky ones in this case.. (sorry bout the pun lol)


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