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10 thoughts on “Rabito iPhone Case

  1. paw

    uhm…..not very appropriate. the site states the tail is fur!! as they are from korea its no surprise.

  2. My House Rabbit Post author

    According to Mina Kwag, the designer of rabito and a bunny owner, the tail is made of artificial fur. From her email: “We love rabbits, We love all animals.
    The fur used for rabito’s tail is an artificial, non-animal fur.”

  3. Andrew

    That is correct. The tail is made from artificial fur (acrylic fur, to be exact). How do I know this? I work with the designer and have several cases. It’s true: “We love rabbits!” Also, the REAL rabito (the designer’s pet rabbit) would never approve of using real fur. ; )

  4. Eva

    Hi Natalie… sadly they don’t! I have a 3GS too and I looked into it, but alas… we are the unlucky ones in this case.. (sorry bout the pun lol)

  5. Aby

    I Have One Of Them! o: My Sister Got Me Them From China 😀 Mine Is White But It’s A iPhone 3 Case.(:

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