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Flying with your Bunny: 2011 Update

AirplaneBack in 2009, we wrote about the limited options rabbit owners had when flying with their rabbit(s).

Petfinder has put together a new list for 2011 of pet friendly airlines, and there is another rabbit-friendly air carrier that we can add to the list.

Along with Continental Airlines, rabbits can now fly in-cabin on WestJet. However, Pet Airways (a pet-exclusive airline), which used to accept rabbits, now no longer does.

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6 thoughts on “Flying with your Bunny: 2011 Update

  1. Pet Airways

    Pet Airways does fly rabbits on a case by case basis. Safety and comfort are our main concern for the rabbits who fly with us. We do fly them and are happy to do so! Please call us at 1-888-Pet-Airways for more information on how we care for rabbits. They are special and we provide the TLC they need in order to be flown in a safe manner.

  2. kc heath

    OH, thank you! I was wondering what to do next year when I have to fly. My doe needs baytril for the rest of her life. Which, do you think, would be more stressful — forcing her to travel, or leaving her at the “rabbit acceptable vet” where she’s in a room full of screeching birds???

  3. Nicole

    Anyone flying their pet with WestJet should ask for the specific under-the-seat measurements on the specific plane you’re flying to make sure your kennel will fit. It says on the page you linked to, “kennels must be able to fit under the seat in front of you,” but I flew some WestJet planes earlier this month and my carry-on luggage (which is well within the carry-on guidelines, as well as the stated kennel size restrictions) would not fit under the seat — I had to stow it in the overhead instead, which I don’t think you can’t do with a pet. Maybe they let you set the kennel at your feet, instead of under the seat — I don’t know but you better find out ahead of time!!

    Also, the temperature was sometimes extremely cold down on floor level. Even my purse, which I’d stored under the seat, when I pulled it out it was really, really cold to the touch, felt like it’d been in a freezer. A rabbit would be very uncomfortable! I know this isn’t a WestJet specific thing, I’ve noticed it on other planes too, but it’s just one more thing to think about.

  4. Lily

    I have a Netherland Dwarf who is less than 2 lbs. He can stand on four legs, lie down, and turn around in his tiny travel cage. He handles car rides okay, but we would be driving 19 hours in icy weather from Atlanta to Minneapolis….. and our car may not make it because it’s in such bad shape. We’re debating weather to fly or drive. Driving is definitely the more dangerous of the two options.

    My question is, what kind of boarding pass does your rabbit have? Would it be possible to put him in my giant personal item (which is dark and snuggly but does not zip shut…. perfect for the bunny!) without the flight attendants knowing and still take a carry-on suitcase? We would pay the huge fee for bunny to fly, but it makes no sense that I’m not allowed a carry-on when my PURSE is larger than my RABBIT AND HIS CAGE!!!! I’d gladly take bunny in place of my personal item, but to ask me to give up my suitcase because I have a teeny tiny rabbit is absurd!

  5. Jen

    Hi I realize this is super old but incase anyone new is wondering the same – the reason for the fee when traveling with a pet is not for the extra luggage. When people with allergies book a ticket they can indicate to the airline that they do not want to be near any animals in the cabin. There are logistics around sorting this out and it cost the airline to handle the two peoples needs. If you take a pet in the cabin with out advising the airline and you get caught I can assure you they will ban you from their airline in the future. I work for an airline and have to deal with those situation. It is not nice

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