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Post-Irene at My House Rabbit

Fallen tree from Hurricane Irene

Fallen tree from Hurricane Irene

Here in coastal Connecticut, Hurricane Irene wreaked a fair amount of havoc, damaging trees and property, causing flooding, and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power (including us).

Slanted apple tree after Hurricane Irene

We found our apple trees at 45 degree angles.

Gardens after Hurricane Irene

We had staked everything down on our raised beds and moved most of our potted plants to the basement.

But through all that, Coco and Cosette were happily oblivious to the storm.  (Apparently bunnies aren’t that bothered when they don’t have lights or internet access.)  Their veggies stayed cold enough in the fridge and there were still cardboard castles to renovate.

Rabbits grooming

Here they are today, two days after the storm, still happily oblivious.

Rabbit grooming

Yesterday, while we were still without power, we spent a very pleasant, sunny day cleaning up the yard and gardens. It was the perfect opportunity to plant some fall crops as well! We planted bok choy, romaine lettuce, and spinach.

Tree staked after Hurricane Irene

We staked our apple trees so they are now growing upright again.

Garden cleaned up after Hurricane Irene

We cleaned up our gardens, brought the potted plants back out, and planted new fall crops.

For those of you also affected by the hurricane, how are you and your bunnies faring now?

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3 thoughts on “Post-Irene at My House Rabbit

  1. Tim

    Hi there. Glad everyone was okay during the storm! We got hit pretty hard here in Maryland as well. I normally keep my rabbits outside in their hutch but was sure to bring them in for Irene. Brought their hutch inside to protect it from any damage. I bring my rabbits into my home whenever I see bad weather on the way, but unfortunately they are not house trained so I keep them in their indoor hutch. If you or anyone else is looking for a rabbit hutch be sure to check out my web blog I’ve put together: http://www.rabbit-hutches-for-sale.org . It provides information about indoor and outdoor hutches, also where to find them.

    Anyways, thanks for the pictures. Your bunnies are really cute! I’ll have to take a picture of my two bunnies and post them in your blog for others to see.

    Take care

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