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Get Ready for International Rabbit Weekend!

September 24-25, 2011 (the fourth weekend of every September) is devoted to learning about proper rabbit care and appreciating the unique companionship pet rabbits offer. Below is a sampling of how you can celebrate rabbits this weekend!

Various Rabbit Rescue Events

Saturday, September 24:

Sunday, September 25:

(If your rabbit rescue is hosting an International Rabbit Day event, contact us, and we’ll add you to the list.)

Rabbit Care Information

Check out our articles in Rabbit Care, Rabbit Behavior, Rabbit Health, and New to Rabbits? sections for information on providing a safe, happy environment for your pet bunnies.  There is also a wealth of information on the websites listed on our Resources page.

Fun Bunny Gifts

Funny Bunny Videos

Bunny Binkying

Bunny Show Jumping

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready for International Rabbit Weekend!

  1. the bunns

    A great idea ..

    Well, the Hoomins will be learning how to care for the bunnies at RenoRabbits that weekend. They will be doing a week of morning feedings in October!

  2. welovebuns

    I just found out about this, and think it’s a great idea! An International Rabbit Day is a fantastic way to promote rabbit care, health and adoption. A sale on bunny products would be great, too!

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