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Bunny Christmas Card Giveaway!

Bunny Christmas Cards

My House Rabbit is sponsoring a giveaway for a set of 12 Bunny Christmas Cards from our Bunny Lover Gift Shop!

Send holiday greetings to friends and family with these adorable Christmas cards featuring the little bunnies decorating a tree, making a snow bunny, and sledding down a hill.  The designs are printed on 100% recycled card stock with a matte finish. Cards measure 5.5 x 4.25 inches when folded. Comes with twelve A2 white 100% recycled envelopes.

One lucky winner can choose his/her favorite design or get an assortment of all three designs. Inside greeting (Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, etc.) can be customized as well.


  • To enter, list three reasons why rabbits make great indoor pets as a comment on this post.
  • Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you for your card preference and mailing address if you win.  Contest is open worldwide and ends Sunday, November 6 at 11:59 pm EST.

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70 thoughts on “Bunny Christmas Card Giveaway!

  1. Nicola Smith

    1) They are easily litter-trained
    2) They love unconditionally
    3) Their antics can make you smile, even on the greyest Monday mornings

  2. Danielle

    Rabbits make fantastic indoor pets because, above all, if you give them all of the love they deserve, they will be truly loving companions. (1). They can easily bring a smile to your face with their binkies (2), and if you put in the time to research their proper care, you’ll learn that they are well worth the effort (3).

  3. Silvia

    1.- They are very clean and quiet.
    2.- They are very soft and gentle.
    3.- They are playful and very funny.

  4. Mike M

    1- Quiet animals need and give love too.
    2- They have adorably silly ears.
    3- They remind me of my best friend.

  5. Abhilasha Singh

    1. They don’t make any noise.
    2. They like being looked after and cared for.
    3. Less fussy than otther pets when it comes to food habits.

  6. Hayley Gar-Place

    1. They give unconditional love and will snuggle you better, even when you’re run down, tired and crying into a hanky! 
    2. They are better entertainment than TV, I’d rather watch my 3 climb the curtains like kittens, run in circles like loons, beg for treats everytime they hear the fridge drawer closing and see you returning from the kitchen, ensure you get up on time as they hav a multiple bunny band of bowl banging, hay rack bashing and thumping if they think you’re laying in too long past their breakfast time and they kiss each other (after a recent spay and only 1/2day at the vets 2 of mine ran to great each other as if they’d been seperated for years and were finally being reunited!)
    3. They’re super intelligent and are really really easy to train, eg to litter box train, to train where they can and can’t go (like not behind the TV where the wires are!), to play games such as yoghurt pot knock down and hide the treat under the cup, and can recognise words like ‘bedtime’ ‘liedown’ etc

    Put simply I just couldn’t be without my family of bunny soulmates!

  7. Anita

    I think bunnies make great pets because:

    1. They are quiet, clean, and gentle;
    2. They love their owners, and each other;
    3. I love that my bunny knows when it’s time for supper. I love that he flips his food bowl over when the treats are getting low. And i love that he misses the family when we are out for the day.

  8. Kim

    Bunnies make great indoor pets because:
    1) They are social and love to be part of the family (they do not like to be ignored, lol).
    2) They are clean animals (not smelly) and can be litter box trained.
    3) They have wonderful, unique personalities and can entertain you for hours!

  9. Kimberly R.

    I think bunnies make great pets because-
    1) They are gentle, quiet animals.
    2) They make graet kids pets.
    3) They are not agressive.

  10. Kippy

    1) they are clean and tidy
    2) snuggly, and love to binky
    3) one cannot help but give glory to God for such an exquisitely adorable creature – the bunny

    thank you! your illustrations are just so lovely 🙂

  11. Kimberly

    1. Their love for cardboard boxes, cheapest toy ever!

    2. You can’t resist their adorable charm and no matter how mischievous they are you can’t stay mad at that face.

    3. The easy litter box training aka sticking bedding in a box with lots of yummy hay in corner.

  12. Sara

    1) Bunnies are so innocent and quiet and not annoying at all.
    2) They are so cute and very adorable and can easily love.
    3) They are so friendly and lovely.

    The cards are SOOOOOO CUTE 😀 😀

  13. Berendina Dykema

    Great giveaway! So cute.I love bunnies. I have never had an indoor rabbit before but I did have an outdoor rabbit that lived in a cage my family made for him. But I can say by that experience that rabbits would be a great indoor pet because they are very friendly,usually chose one spot to poop so they can be easily trained, and they are very entertaining to watch.

  14. laura mitchell

    1. fantastic company , great for snuggles on the sofa watching a film eating carrot sticks.

    2. living with a house rabbit warms your heart everyday as there so funny to watch binkying around and being naughty .

    3. a house rabbit becomes a part of the family almost like another child to spoil and buy treats/ toys for .

  15. cerena leigh

    1. they’re great cuddle buddies
    2. they love to finish off your salad when you’re done with it
    3. they are unbelievably adorable.

    I had a beyond cute grey rabbit named Baci. He was a little cuddle bug.

  16. Szabina L

    Well, we don’t have just one bunny but we have two of them:)

    1. they’re really really quiet animals so they’re a very good audience when we tell ’em our secrets and /or problems 🙂
    2. soo adorable and loveable and GRATEFUL =) never bite, claw or kick like our cats do XD
    3. uber-cute when we let them out in the house and they hopping around to know everybody and everything :))

  17. Kim Garber

    1)Rabbits have distinctive personalities. They can be as playful and silly as puppies or kittens, as independent as cats, or as loyal and affectionate as dogs.

    2) A rabbit’s natural schedule is convenient for working people.

    3)We have had our rabbit for about five years and she does not live in a cage of any sort. She is completely free to roam our apartmentand is litter box trained!

  18. Julie Bowen

    Rabbits make good house pets because:
    They are more fun than a barrel of monkeys,
    Can be as aggravating as a teen-age boy, and
    They love you, love you, love you

    Never a dull moment with a bunny in the house!

  19. Jhitomi

    1. They are soft and cuddly.
    2. They have a sweet and gentle disposition.
    3. They don’t bark or need to be walked every day.

  20. Launa

    1. They listen well once trained
    2. They are very entertaining, never dull
    3. They love toys just as much as dogs do, they chin “to claim” what is theirs

  21. Shadowydreamer

    Bunnies make great indoor pets because :

    1) When you keep them outside, they’ll track muddy paw prints across your carpet when they come at 0430 to see where their breakfast is.

    2) They make sure to remind you of your place in the universe – firmly beneath their paw. (“Hop to it, slave!”)

    3) The bunnies tell me so.

  22. Maegan Morin

    1. They can be litter trained (even though it take ALOT of patience)
    2. They are cute and cuddly
    3. They are loyal

  23. Julie

    These are adorable! My reasons:
    1. They are quiet and gentle.
    2. They can be litter-trained.
    3. Their noses twitch in a heartmelting manner, and you can give them great names like Dennis Hopper.

  24. eugenia

    It is cute in overdose – i prefer white rabbits
    it brings gifts on eastern
    it is extremly quiet
    can give you more love that your bf
    doesn’t have great expectations from you, exepting the loving and care part
    doesn’t make you cook for it – i love carrots so we can dinner together
    it keeps you warm in the night because it is so fluffy

    i guess there are more than 3 hehehe ::D


    1. They are quiet
    2. They are easy to maintain
    3. They are cute as bunnies!!

    P.S.: I love the idea of Christmas cards featuring bunnies!!


  26. Wing

    1. They can run around and do binkies
    2. They are fuzzy family members, a great part of our family
    3. They’re safe and happy running around the house

  27. Heather

    1) Angora fur! I would love to spin my own yarn from my own bunny.
    2) Cuddly cuddly cuddly.
    3) And kids love them!

  28. Kari

    1. they are quiet and dont bark or meow 🙂
    2. they are so soft and you can relax sitting there petting them
    3. they are small

  29. Danielle T

    they can be house broken and roam the house, they are beyond cute, and can use a litter box.. LOVE bunnies 🙂

  30. Crystal S.

    1. They are affectionate
    2. They are fun to play with
    3. They are entertaining

    My bunny is a sweetheart!
    sellcrystal2 (at) yahoo dot com

  31. Usagi-chan

    Aww cuute giveaway 😛 okay, the reasons:
    1) They are actually very clean, you have to change their cage only twice a week!
    2) they are fluffy and cute and children love watching as they are hopping around the room!
    3) they have a longer lifespan than hamsters, so they make better pets for small children 🙂

    I owned a bunny once, he lived 8 years with me! Now he´s hopping on in heaven 🙂
    Email: Liisi007@msn.com

  32. Jess

    Super cute bunny cards– love ’em!

    1) fluffy and soft to pet
    2) so darn precious when the hippity hoppity
    3) their lil’ noses, eeeeeek!!

    jess =]
    jessence22 at yahoo dot com

  33. Kanelstrand

    Rabbits make great indoors pets because:

    1. They are extremely lovable and love-giving.
    2. they are very careful in their communication.
    3. They are the cleanest pet one can have!!

  34. Mary

    1) They are loving and caring.
    2) When they poop they eat it so therefore they don’t make much mess.
    3) They are safe to be around with my family and I.

  35. Jennifer

    It’s impossible not to be cheered by a binky.
    They are peace personified (or bunnified) when they “flop down” legs extended to rest.
    Their hay smells sweet and they encourage the purchase of fresh vegetables!

  36. Tessan

    1. They make lovely family members when allowed to be free range infoors 2. They are very clean and just like cats it comes natural for them to use a litter box. 3. They give so much love back when taken care of properly.

    Bunnies are the best pet ever! <3

  37. Allison Turbee

    1) they make you laugh constantly
    2) they don’t bark and hardly make any noise
    3) they provide love and comfort and make ou forget your troubles!

  38. Becky Sappington

    1. Nothing like laying on the floor and getting alot of bunny kisses ( licks )

    2. Having a bunny alarm clock that binky’s on the bed and licks your face and arms to get you up.

    3. Love to fell them nudge the back of your leg to say I am here come play with me.

  39. Tiffany

    There are so many reason rabbits make great pets, but the reasons I choose are:

    1. They are quiet. Most of the time….
    2. They are clean with themselves and their litter box.
    3. They are smart. My house rabbit has figured out ways to let me know what he needs. When he is hungry, he will sit in the middle of the floor and look at me. When he wants out he sits near the door. When he wants to play he comes up to me and then runs away.

    I may never go back to cats after having experienced a rabbit.

  40. Mercedes

    1) They’re a manageable size, and full of fluff
    2) They’re adorably feisty, which I like
    3) One of the greatest literary villains of all time, General Woundwort, was a rabbit!

  41. Marina

    1. They are cute.
    2. They live longer then hamsters!
    3. They are so fluffy that hugging them can make you happy every single day 🙂

    isollea at gmail dot com

  42. Shelley

    Rabbit make great pets because….
    1. they are cute
    2. they are easy to care for/less messy than larger animals like cats or dogs
    3. they are playful & friendly

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  43. LJRoss

    1. They are exceptionally good listeners, with those big ears of theirs.
    2. You burn lots of calories catering to their various whims.
    3. When they molt, your dust bunnies are made out of actual bunnies!

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