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Story of a Runaway Rabbit

Beasley the bunny

It was near midnight on a rural road in New Jersey when Sharon Coughlin caught a glimpse of a fluffy white object at the side of the road. She drove on, but the thought of an animal possibly in need nagged at her.

“I made a U-turn and slowly drove up to the white fluffy object. My headlights shone on it. It did not move. I pulled off to the side of road and got out of the car.

“It was a rabbit! A tan and white rabbit. It was just sitting there, apparently uninjured, looking terrified. I love animals, but knew little about rabbits. I wasn’t sure how to pick it up or how it would react, but I knew I had to rescue the little guy.”

You can read the full story at The Great Animal Rescue Chase website. This site features articles submitted by people all over the world who have a rescue story (big or small) to share.

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One thought on “Story of a Runaway Rabbit

  1. Lalis

    Oh, what a lucky bun! An example of why bunnies are not “easy to care for” pets or “pets for children.” I bet God did really hear that woman’s prayer when he ran into the street. One of my bunnies is really good at scurrying and running away; I could not imagine catching her in the middle of a road!

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